Friday, December 16, 2016

News of the Day

Ray Lewis takes you inside his visit with Donald Trump
"When you hear people talk about, 'I will never go into the White House. I will never meet #Trump.' Well guess what, maybe you don't feel the same way about your kids the way I feel about my kids. Cuz I want my kids to be damn safer... We went there [to see Trump] for our future. To give our future a real chance... And that's what bothers me about people who speak without even having a clue of what the hell the meeting was about. That was a serious meeting about [urban city] kids and our future."

Germany: Migrant Crime Skyrockets
"The actual number of crimes in Germany committed by migrants in 2015 may exceed 400,000. This figure represents an 80% increase over 2014"

Dave Rubin and Sargon of Akkad
Two classical liberals discuss how to stop the regressive left and save liberalism.

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