Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Masculine Code

Battle of Carthage

Once again, this post was inspired by Pat. Check out his latest post, The Way Forward.

What do Jordan Peterson, Trump, and Rollo Tomassi have in common? Each one has shown us the never-ending battle between the individual and the collective in their own way. The ideas of evolutionary psychology, political philosophy, and male-female dynamics are evolving together at an unprecedented pace.

The Evolution of Cooperation

We evolved to cooperate. The sum is greater than the parts. Jordan Peterson has explained how individual characters play out in the animal kingdom. Wolves are social creatures. When two wolves fight for Alpha status, the loser still remains part of the pack. The Alpha still needs the losing member to be part of the team. Which means, it is still strategically better to have your former foes as part of your team. It is not a zero sum game. Individual interests compromise for the betterment of the pack. Fights occur, but the overall pack remains intact. 

Cooperation in Modern Times

The last election demonstrated a big battle between the individual and the collective on many fronts. Leftists ideology is a paradox. The ideology has the vision of a global utopia where everyone is the same. On the other hand, the ideology tries to blow apart the existing social structure by ramping up as many differences between the individuals as possible. It exploits individualism as a means to squash individualism.

The election of Trump brings back the desire for both personal freedom and a desire for American tradition. How do we get more Trumps that understand both ambition and societal well being? Channeled correctly, individual success helps society as a whole. How do you channel that individual ambition to maximize societal gain? For countless generations, people have been thinking about this question. 

A big lesson that Jordan Peterson showed me was through his Biblical lecture series. Lessons were initially passed down orally. When writing was invented, the Bible was soon created (at least the Old Testament portion). The Bible was a Code of Ethics on how to behave. This was one way to channel individual interests into a common goal.

Cooperation within the Family

The idea of individual interests and collective goals is further expanded with gender differences. Enter Rollo and The Rationale Male. The Rationale Male in essence explains to us female behavior when finding a mate. We see how women try to maximize their individual interests. The intersection of male and female interests creates the stable collective family unit. A stable family unit leads to a stable community which eventually leads to a stable civilization.

This is the big question most guys are wondering about. How do I create a wonderful family? How do I take this knowledge from The Rationale Male and apply it to my life? How do I avoid the traps and minimize the red flags to give myself the best hand going into this marriage?

The best CEOs know how to delegate, not micromanage. The family should also be treated like a business. What is your mission statement? Let the male show the masculine side of the family so the woman feels free to bring out her feminine side. This doesn't involve controlling your woman. You set up standards for her based on the standards you give yourself. It always comes back to the question of how individual interests can come together for a collective purpose. How can two individuals make a family?

In Defense of the Rationale Male

Jordan Peterson made a good point, there is difference between science and ethics. Science can only tell us what is. Ethics tells us how we should act. The Rationale Male is a praxeology. In other words, it is only a science and can only tell us what is. The Rationale Male has been getting heat for turning men into angry self-absorbed hedonists. To pin Rollo as responsible for how men are now acting is shooting the messenger. On the other hand, Rollo is seen as leader of men whether he likes it or not, because men are starving for answers and Rollo has provided some big answers to why things are the way they are. They will be looking to Rollo for guidance for the next step. Where do we go from here?

The Never-Ending Battle between the Individual and the Collective

To expand on some of the points Pat made, in today's society, pure individualism does not result in the passing of genes. Birth control and condoms prevent the propagation of genes. It is an evolutionary dead-end to just fuck everyone nonstop. We are social creatures. We have communities to raise children. Communities require compromise. Remember Maximus Decimus Meridius' first battle in the Colosseum? It was the reenactment of the Battle of Carthage. Maximus could not win on his own. He needed everyone to act as one.

We need the restoration of the local community. We need the restoration of the family unit. We need some semblance of a collective. And there lies the constant tension. At what point does individualism become counter-productive to a society? At what point does the collective kill the individual?

A question Pat asks that all of us are trying to figure out in this time of chaos (as Prof. Peterson often says), Where we go from here? Prof. Peterson explains how the Bible came to be. Over countless generations, communities would pass on stories to the next generation. The next generation only remembered the parts of the stories that had the most meaningful impact on their lives. As a result, we had this distillation of information. When we finally put these stories in writing we got the Bible.

Evolving The Masculine Code

We are witnessing the evolution of a Man's Bible in real time. The power of social media has accelerated the distillation process. What took thousands of years to develop can now be achieved in a lifetime. The Bible is one of the oldest known open source pieces of information. It was written by many people. So I'm calling our new open source book, The Masculine Code. This will be an updated set of morals and ethics that will lay the new bedrock of civilization. If the Bible was the Stone Age bedrock, this new Code is the Bronze Age foundation.

A lot of people, I'm sure Rollo included, are wondering about the future of Western Civilization. We need a Code of Ethics. A Masculine Code. This code needs to be able to evolve in real time like a Wikipedia article. Since Wikipedia is becoming SJW converged, I will recommend people check out Infogalactic. Not only does this Code need to set some guidelines for how to behave, it also needs to do a good job explaining the why. Jordan Peterson has done a great job explaining why the lessons of the Bible make sense. Maybe coming up with our own stories is the key to ensure this knowledge is passed on. All of us have shared female experiences. To be able to distill down the common experiences into a set of core stories would be immensely useful.

Not to get overly religious, but we are approaching 2000 years since the death of Christ. How neat is it to be witnessing a new Bible forming, a new era arriving. The Rational Male is the Genesis story. The Apple of Knowledge allowed Man to see Woman for the first time. Why do my eyes hurt? Because you've never used them before...

Sunday, August 6, 2017

An Aha! Moment: Male-Female Dynamics

The Evolution of Cooperation

You've probably heard the phrase: "The strong survive, and the weak perish". If you think about this phrase for a bit, hopefully some questions pop up. A big question is, "How does cooperation come to play if only the strong survive?" The phrase gives the appearance of a zero-sum game. For me to win, you have to lose. But capitalism has clearly shown us in the economic realm that zero-sum games are not the best strategy. The resource pot can grow. The sum is greater than the parts.

Enter Jordan Peterson. His lectures have shown the zero-sum game is also not the best strategy in biology. Chimps and wolves are social creatures. They have a hierarchy. Having the strongest, most vicious chimp leads to a very unstable hierarchy. He may be the strongest, but 2 weaker chimps can team up and tear down the tyrant. So we see how cooperation in the animal kingdom is a better strategy than simply the strongest wins. Please go listen to his lectures to learn more about how the ancient wisdom of the past can apply to your life today.

Enter Maximus, Pat, and Mark. I heard about Pat (The Dynamic Man) through Mark's awesome podcast. The fact that Mark is an introvert and can pump out podcasts is very inspiring to me (I'm probably INTJ, but I haven't confirmed that). These three have inspired me to write this post.

Let's start with the zero-sum game for Male-Female dynamics. For males to win, females must lose and vice versa. But studies have shown strong strong evidence that children thrive in a 2 parent household. If men and women are battling each other, why do children need 2 parents? We are beginning to see the next step in the Red Pill evolution. Often times RP advice has centered around hooking up with chicks. Alpha fucks and beta bucks is a common phrase. However, Western Civilization was not built on fucking around (pun intended). Families need to exist to keep the species going. Enter pro-family, pro-fatherhood advice. The missing key in the masculinity advice.

Maximus Must Read

Maximus does a great job explaining how we must treat female nature with compassion. A woman is a reflection of a man.
"Honesty. Integrity. Can't be bought. Knew how life was to be lived. (Speaking the truth.) Lived it. Never apologized and never had to because Bogart... was a Man, capital M. He loved and respected women because he loved and respected himself."
The patriarchy means men are the drivers. If a woman does not see a man treating himself with respect and being virtuous, why should she be respectful and virtuous? The process starts with YOU and personal responsibility. In addition, when a woman breaks your heart, a man must know "how to process and integrate that emotional pain to become a better Man". Processing does not involve a drug and pussy rampage.

Pat Stedman Must Read

As I mentioned before, I heard about Pat through Mark. Mark has had some great guests on and has covered a wide range of topics that are important in every man's life. Topics include fitness, women, parenting, and financial freedom.

Like Jordan Peterson, Pat gave me another Aha! moment. Not surprisingly, Carl Jung makes an appearance in Pat's post (Jordan talks about Jung a lot as well). I had been reading about red pill advice for some time now, but my gut was telling me that some piece was missing. The maturation from a boy to a man involves a couple of steps. A first love is a big step. A first bad breakup is another. A period of pussy slaying may also be an important step (numbers may vary). The missing piece is how do we go from playboy to family man. Western Civilization needs the family structure. What do we know from an evolutionary standpoint that can give us clues into how families formed?
"In order for society to function, there needs to be an equilibrium — and it’s achieved not simply when the genders reach an agreement with each other to compromise on their own sexual strategies, but when they work together to stop other members in their own gender from sexually dominating."
If you have not read "The Art of the Deal" by Trump go get it. The best deals are when both sides get something out of the negotiation. Remember, the zero-sum game is sub-optimal. If men and women both get something out of the marriage, this is the best result. And negotiation requires compromises. But important note, you cannot compromise your integrity (living your truth). I'm going to add to Pat's paradox. Compromise would appear to mean give up a piece of your integrity. We have to be careful not to confuse integrity with ego. To be rigid and unflinching with zealous ideology is a zero-sum game. To beat this point across, in a zero-sum game, you "lose" if you believe you are compromising. Faith and trust in something greater than yourself can produce amazing results (like a beautiful family beyond imagination).

Perceiving the world through a zero-sum game puts a finite cap on the possibilities. Living life through the lens of a "positive sum game" (win-win) yields infinite possibility. Because the results often are beyond our wildest dreams. The family unit is the building block of a community. A community with a common culture is the building block of a civilization. Not surprising, each level requires integrity, trust, and a belief in striving towards a higher calling (something beyond yourself).

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Note: None of these guys have paid me to promote their material. I just really like their material. And the fact I'm seeing all of this great material in the span of a couple of a couple of months tells me a Masculine Reconnaissance is about to hit. And it will be glorious. Strength and honor brothers.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

How to Spot a Nagger

There's a famous quote from Theodore Roosevelt about The Man in the Arena.
"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat."
The man in the arena has earned the right to be a critic. He has survived the gauntlet. The nagger is a wannabe critic. The nagger has lived a life of comfort outside the arena.

Some of the people I consider to be forged in the arena: Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Stefan Molyneux, Thomas Wictor, Vox Day, Scott Adams, Rollo Tomassi, Ivan Throne, Mike Cernovich, Ed Latimore, Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes, Anthony Johnson. Whether it be real estate, women, nutrition/fitness, or entrepreneurship, these people are battle-tested.

When you read the About Me section of someone from the arena, there is some tale of struggle and triumph. And these struggles may have lasted years. In addition, these guys weren't looking for trouble. Life dealt them a tough hand and they found a way to make the best out of it. I have no doubt struggle is essential to understanding progress and building civilization. As a result, their opinions carry weight.

Some of the naggers: Barack Obama, almost every MSM "journalist", government bureaucrats. These people have lived cushy lives, gone to cushy universities, and then got cushy jobs. They won't go to battle, but they'll happily send your children to battle.

No doubt, the infantilization of the West has created an epidemic of naggers. Think about how a child acts. "Are we there yet? Look at me. Me me me." A child believes he is the center of attention and that all of his ideas are the best ideas. The child also needs constant affirmation, thus the constant peppering for attention. The arena allows a child to grow up, develop his own sense of confidence, and become a productive member of the tribe. Instead we have grown-children living in a Harry Potter fantasy dreaming about defeating an imaginary monster, completely oblivious to the actual monsters just outside their comfortable bubble.

The big question is how can you tell you are getting grown up criticism versus childish nagging? Emotional arguments are a sign of childish temper tantrums. Phrases to look out for from the children include "How can you say that?" "Are you for real?" "Wow." Using shame is a feminine and childish tactic. Men in the arena ask big picture, unfiltered, and raw questions, while the naggers point to petty little differences and avoid sounding unpleasant and brutish. The men in the arena have no time for your feelings and snobbish senses of decorum. Honestly, I believe your intuition is great at detecting who is battled-tested and who is a poser.

I am in no position to criticize people because I too have lived a life of comfort. I don't have much life experience. Instead what I do is listen to all the men in the arena and test out what works for me. Through my own experimenting and experiencing life, I hope to earn my seat at the table with the other men in the arena.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Decline of Masculinity - Iron Man

How does the Iron Man film series illustrate the decline of masculinity? Enough time has past that you cannot be mad about spoilers from the films. So leave now if you've been in a coma all this time.

The first film is a great comeback story. There's ingenuity, guts, and the right amount of bravado. This film represents entrepreneurship. Tony Stark is left for dead. Thanks to his excellent MacGyver skills, he cleverly builds his first Iron Man suit to escape from his captors. Also included in this film are sleeping with hot chicks and fast cars. Any straight man would love to have a car garage, build a badass suit, and then unload on babes.

The beginning of Iron Man 2 is a continuation on this theme. The government wants Tony Stark's Iron Man technology for fear other countries will develop it. Tony Stark has the perfect response.
You want my property? You can't have it. But I did you a big favor.
Sorry you can't have it. You should be thanking me not trying to control me. I did this country a great service. It is my favorite quote from the series. What makes the government so sure it can do better with the technology than Tony? What business is it of the government to control the life of an entrepreneur.

Unfortunately, this is where the cracks of Iron Man begin to show. Tony Stark is dying. In response to his impending departure, he makes his former assistant the CEO of his company. He decides to drive in a Formula One race. Then he gets drunk at his birthday party and gets into a brawl with his best friend. Despite the fact he almost died in the first movie, he handles his mortality pathetically in the second movie. Thanks to his dad, he gets another chance at life.

I'm putting the Avengers in this discussion because Tony is a big character in this film. One quote that stands out.
You're not the guy to make the sacrifice play, to lay down on a wire and let the other guy crawl over you.
Funny enough, I like Captain America more and more as his film series progresses. More on this later. The call for sacrifice is easily abused by the Left. Sacrificing your values, your livelihood, your identity will not appease the Left. They will always want more.

Isn't the point of an entrepreneur to take risks and make sacrifices? Tony Stark faced death twice already. Iron Man was built on plenty of blood, sweat, and tears. In fact, this reminds me of Trump haters. They view him as a narcissistic profiteer who only sacrifices others. And naturally, they don't believe this quote is genuine and heartfelt.
Nevertheless, I take all of these slings and arrows gladly for you. I take them for our movement so that we can have our country back.
I can't help but chuckle at ordinary people criticizing the minds of billionaires. Billionaires aren't idiots, and you don't make that much money by being an idiot.

Iron Man 3 simply put was pathetic. Somehow the events from the Avengers have triggered PTSD in Tony. By this point, Tony has escaped death 3 times, but only now he has nightmares. He is a shell of his former self. In a display of foolish fake bravado, he gives the antagonist his home address, putting the life of his girl, Pepper, in danger.

And he doesn't build anything useful on screen. Much of his time spent is on... recharging his suit. Why doesn't his arc reactor work? He has made plenty of Iron Man suits at this point, but he has a power issue. The nail on the coffin for this movie was the fact that he didn't even defeat the antagonist. Pepper does.

The movie was devoted to Tony Stark's fear of losing Pepper. His woman has become his number one priority which is a mistake. He doesn't do anything useful in this movie. And in the end, he watches on the sidelines as Pepper finishes the job. It is a great way to show the decline of masculinity.

Avengers 2 continues the fear theme. Tony Stark's fear has gotten the best of him and causes the events of the movie to unfold. He has the dream of using his Iron Legion combined with Ultron AI to maintain the peace.
I see a suit of armor around the world.
This is incredibly controlling and totalitarian. The idea of controlling people to make them safe has turned Tony into the thing younger Tony Stark would have hated.

Captain America Civil War completes the 180 degree turn of Tony Stark.
We need to be put in check. And whatever form that takes, I'm game. 
Tony Stark advocates for a government panel to keep the Avengers in check. Go back and read Tony Stark from Iron Man 1. This movie made me Team Captain America all the way. Unlike Tony, Steve Rogers always advocates for the individual and having the individual take responsibility for his actions. He does not believe in passing on this responsibility to a government entity.
If we sign this, we surrender our right to choose. What if this panel sends us somewhere we don't think we should go? What if there's somewhere we need to go and they don't let us? 
Tony Stark no longer embraces the masculine spirit. He is afraid and wants someone else to tell him what to do. This loss of masculinity is evident in Hollywood, universities, and politics. Too much catering to "victim" groups. Too much defensiveness to not offend anyone. Too much hesitation to venture into the unknown and create something.

Which is why Trump won. The counter movement has begun. Masculinity will be celebrated again.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A Feminist's Son

My mom is a feminist. She voted for Hillary. She believed Hillary was a voice for women. She believes women are not treated fairly in the workplace. She believes the patriarchy keeps women down. So what is my family like?

Simply put. Utter catastrophe. My dad sacrificed his career for her to follow her dreams. Blue Valentine (if you haven't seen it, watch it) is very personal to me. If you ask me the first thought that comes to mind about my childhood, I'd tell you fighting. Countless fighting. I saw divorce as a blessing not a curse. The personality clashes became toxic grudges.

So what am I like as a person? Very insecure, very afraid to voice opinions, emotionless, directionless. I knew I didn't want to be like my parents so I went the exact opposite. Timid and emotionally stunted. I've had my bouts of anger and depression. But I consider myself lucky I didn't let the anger and depression destroy me. Countless others have perished.

The result of feminism is the destruction of the next generation. Women pouring all their time and effort into a career at the expense of their children. I have personally seen both corporate and academia life. I'm not impressed. To me, it doesn't seem worth it to go through all the politics and bureaucracy. If I had to choose between the work grind and raising a family... family seems like an obvious choice to me. But feminism has inverted the priority at the expense of the family (the fundamental building block of civilization).

The only blessing that feminism brought to me was that I began to question everything. The violent relationship I witnessed made me begin researching relationships. Which led me to pickup, nutrition, philosophy, mindset. As a result, I can slowly begin to address my flaws.

Mom, she has a good heart. But good intentions do not translate at all to good results (see government policy). The problems of this world will not be solved with good intentions. They will be solved with grit and hard choices. Hardness is the antithesis of feminine. Feminine is warm and nurturing and accepting. Hard and protective and prohibitive is male. The bubble that Western Civilization lives in (built on the bodies of countless men) has made us lose sight of the cost it took to make it. Only in a bubble fantasy can we assume that everything is OK now and masculinity is no longer needed. Masculinity is the dam that holds back the chaos waters of nature. Without it, we drown.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Why I Cannot Recommend Multiculturalism

My parents came to this country from China. They had no community to lean on. We were in Iowa. I grew up isolated. While technically I am American, I felt different growing up. When you look different, you feel different. And without the proper parental guidance to deal with this issue, it eats at you. Maybe you have parents like mine. Immigrant parents who have this misguided idea of telling their kids about their struggle to make it to a better world. All it does is make the kids feel bad about themselves. The kid logic is that I didn't have the struggle of my parents so I feel bad for bringing up my struggles integrating. But that struggle doesn't go away. Now it's compounded by feelings of remorse that I'm not as good as my parents. The snowball effect grows.

Tim Pool made a very good point. A lot of the crimes occurring in Sweden are not caused by refugees. It's caused by their children. The children are not seen by the locals as Swedes. The children are not seen as their homeland's children either. They are people without an identity. Governments have done piss poor jobs integrating migrants into communities. Government doing a bad job with implementing policy, what else is new?

I went through an anger phase. Ideas of revolution were appealing. Communism sounded so good. The idea of everyone being the same... it was a solution to an answer I was searching for my whole life. To belong and not be different. Look at these kids being indoctrinated by ISIS. They have been presented a solution to become a hero. They've grown up feeling like they don't belong and they finally are given a sense of belonging. A man dying of thirst in the desert will do desperate things for water. A person starving for identity will also do crazy things.

Blacks hang out with other blacks. Jews do the same. As do Hispanics and Asians. Identity matters. You would be so naive and foolish to think it doesn't. Even the Civic Nationalists want to shut off immigration until the issues are sorted out. Can they be sorted out? Parenting matters, and mishaps in parenting echo for generations. So it's going to take some time to sort this out.

I consider myself lucky. My ideas of revolution did not make me do anything rash and stupid. But all these migrants flooding into Western Civilization. They are ticking time bombs waiting to happen. Based on my own experiences growing up, I cannot recommend the ideas of diversity and multiculturalism. These are just feel good words. But a child's psychology is very fragile and feel good words do jack shit. A child needs structure and security. I don't have an answer, I just tell you what doesn't work from my perspective.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Thoughts of the Day - You must hate X

* If you question climate change, you must hate the environment.
* If you question Common Core, you must hate children.
* If you question Obamacare, you must want sick people to die.
* If you question welfare, you must not care about the poor.
* If you question open borders, you must be a bigoted racist.

* If you question our beliefs, you are a heretic and must burn.