In this subreddit, you may run into some unfamiliar words. The following is a guide.

Kek - Frog Deity. Bringer of Light. Pepe is the modern day avatar.

Shitposting - Utterly worthless and inane posting on an internet message board. Derails the conversation. Trigger alert.

WEW LAD - Related to shitposting. Worthless and inane comment.

BTFO - Blown the Fuck Out. Describes a blowout, landslide victory

Spicy - A post that will burn. Similar to BTFO

YOU'RE FUCKING A WHITE MALE - Sarcastic response. Meant to make fun of mansplaining and white privilege. Especially ironic response to a poster who is not a white male.

REEEEEEE - Similar to above. Sarcastic response. The sound Pepe makes when triggered.

Centipede - A nimble and deadly predator. Can't stump the Trump. Nimbleness useful for getting  important information out quickly in the subreddit.

Give this Man a Coat - Related to a comment Trump made to a protester, telling security to throw them out and not give them their coats. Now the opposite happens when someone boards the Trump train.

Energy - Related to Kek magic. A blessing.

Cuck - An attack on your masculinity.

Sad! - Emphasis on the ! Make an observation of current events that make you want to shake your head. End with Sad!

Trump Train has no brakes. Too high energy. Cannot be stumped.

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