Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hating Breitbart: A Review

Hating Breitbart

Directed by: Andrew Marcus

Out of many, one. People from every race, religion, age group, and party affiliation all together in one place – acting as one people. This was a core value Andrew Breitbart believed in. The fact that the mainstream media separates us and tries to pit people against each other deeply offends Breitbart.

What is ironic is Breitbart comes from a multicultural person. He said it himself, "My dad is Jewish... and my mom is from Wisconsin, and my sister is Hispanic... and married an Armenian. And their kids... you couldn't tell what they are." (53:15)

We see some familiar faces like Larry Solov, Steve Bannon, and James O'Keefe. It is always good to see the human side of a person. We see the banter between best friends Solov and Breitbart. We see a common nemesis that keeps showing up, John Podesta.

What I like about Andrew Breitbart is similarly what I like about Mike Cernovich. It is unfiltered pure love for this country. Unfiltered is an understatement, these two are unafraid and in fact love confrontation. Both want to expose the hoaxing lying corporate media. Both understand the power of social media. One question that will never be answered unfortunately, how well would Andrew Breitbart and Mike Cernovich have worked together?

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