Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thoughts of the Day

"The early-twentieth-century journalist Lincoln Steffens proved that he could create a "crime wave" anytime he wanted by simply writing about all the crimes that normally occur in a large city during the course of a month. He could also end the "crime wave" by not writing about them."

The media controls the narrative and plays into the fears of people. This election has shown just how far they would push that fear.

News of the Day

I Voted for Hillary. And Now I’m Going to Write for Breitbart.
Freedom of speech involves a battle of ideas, not censorship.

False ‘Nazi’ Accusations Are Mainstreaming Hatred
Media has the power to create a fear craze.

My Search for Data on Trump Supporters and Racism
Guess what, you can't find data.

Images of the Day

Trump continues to restore manufacturing jobs



Tuesday, November 29, 2016

News of the Day

Steve Bannon talks Richmond roots, says Trump will condemn all forms of racism
Another way to break down corporate media, get local papers to write news. Social media will spread the message.

Thought Police
Coordinated effort to suppress free speech

Bill Mitchell
"If Trump can renew the inner cities, Democrats may lose their final blue wall."

Monday, November 28, 2016

News of the Day

2016 Muslim Voters Presidential Election Exit Poll
Even more Muslims voted for Trump than for Romney.

End the Fed
Yuuge if Trump ends the Fed.

Non-citizens Voting
Potentially enough of a margin to determine the popular vote (~2 million)

Trump and Radical Islamic Terrorism
Seems relevant with the Ohio State tragedy

Lots of sympathetic news about Fidel Castro's death
NYTimes: Defied the US

CNN: Revolutionary leader

Reuters: Latin Americans mourn

Obama's Statement: Prayers for Cuba. Why the mourning?
Tredeau takes the cake:
“It is with deep sorrow that I learned today of the death of Cuba’s longest serving President.
“Fidel Castro was a larger than life leader who served his people for almost half a century. A legendary revolutionary and orator, Mr. Castro made significant improvements to the education and healthcare of his island nation.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thoughts of the Day

What is interesting is that the supposed leader of the alt-right was never talked about when Clinton gave a speech about the alt-right back in August.

Why all of a sudden is the Atlantic doing a piece on Richard Spencer? It's almost as if this whole thing is a coordinated smear campaign. The Atlantic gives Richard Spencer free publicity and a documentary, he gets to become the perfect smear tool.

This is What Controlled Opposition Looks Like

Remember David Duke? Virtually unheard of until Trump started gaining momentum. Just another example of the media playing tricks on you.

Thoughts of the Day

Jared Kushner Interview

The most important interview you will read to understand this election, and who Trump really is.

Trump Spoke to Nearly a Million Supporters Since August

“If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, the Democrat darlings, both railed against Wall Street. And then... they endorsed Clinton, who received millions of dollars in donations from... Wall Street. Clinton was the Wall Street darling. How do you tell if a politician is lying? When their lips are moving.

News of the Day

Fortune in 2000
"In an 800-person survey conducted by Democratic pollster Rob Schroth, Trump scored a 67% favorable rating among blacks (vs. 21% unfavorable), 62% among Hispanics, and 66% among whites earning under $25,000"

Trump and Minorities

The CIA and the Media
"We never pretended it was a total description of the range of activities over 25 years, or of the number of journalists who have done things for us.” A relatively small number of the summaries described the activities of foreign journalists—including those working as stringers for American publications. Those officials most knowledgeable about the subject say that a figure of 400 American journalists is on the low side of the actual number who maintained covert relationships and undertook clandestine tasks."

Images of the Day

Meeting between Trump and the Press

The beat marches on

Monday, November 21, 2016

News of the Day

Donald Trump
"I have always had a good relationship with Chuck Schumer. He is far smarter than Harry R and has the ability to get things done. Good news!"
Oh snap, is Trump going to be a bipartisan President? What will the Left do once all their leaders start working with him?

Final Cuban-American Vote Average: Trump 58%
In the 30+ precincts in Miami-Dade County with the highest concentration of Cuban-American voters, Trump won 58% of the vote. In fact, the higher the concentration, the higher the vote Trump won.

El-Sissi says don't 'jump to conclusions' on Trump
"We have to distinguish between the rhetoric that takes place within presidential campaigns and the real and actual administration of a country after the inauguration," he said. "There will be a chance for more thorough readings."

Trump is Racist
Jessie Jackson said so. Wait a minute...

Bloomberg Editor Creates Libelous Trump Tweet Out of Thin Air
More media lies

Andrew Breitbart: ‘F*ck You, John Podesta!
The war continues. Andrew Breitbart's mortal enemy is John Podesta.

Carlos Slim and the New York Times
Carlos Slim donated between 1 and 5 million to the Clinton Foundation. He also owns 16.8 percent of the New York Times making him the biggest stakeholder. Is it any surprise then that the NYT is very anti-Trump?

Images of the Day



Liberal Tears

The Cave

More Media Lies

Daily Struggle

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Silenced: A Review


Directed by: Loren Feldman
Produced by: Mike Cernovich

This movie is a very important reminder that freedoms must be exercised every day to maintain their value. In this case, it is the freedom of speech. Andrew Breitbart often said, "Politics is downstream from culture." The political decisions we make come from our culture. Our culture comes from our words. That is how important speech is. It shapes civilization. Freedom of speech builds civilization. Silencing of speech destroys civilization.

The film covers a wide range of topics and how free speech affects each. Topics include Religion, Science, Art, Broadcasting, Journalism, Comedy, and Universities. I'm glad how broad this film went. That shows you how integral freedom of speech is to our way of life. Rabbi Moshe Taub in the film argues that the most important invention was the Gutenberg Press. The exchange of words and ideas as well as the ability to get information to the masses transformed civilization.

I also enjoyed the argument that to counter hate speech is not through censorship. It is through unhateful speech. Let the two duel in the marketplace of ideas. You could make similar arguments about business. We combat corrupt businesses not through the censorship or regulation of business, but through the emergence of new businesses that are good. Business is just another venue in the marketplace of ideas. This is how important freedom of speech is. It impacts everything in our lives.

Another interesting topic is how comedy is impacted by being silenced. Comedy used to be about pushing boundaries and making people think. That's why guys like Richard Pryor and George Carlin are legends. They were not afraid to push the envelope. And they made people think and expand their worldview. Sadly now, comedians have to proceed with caution because of political correctness. Pushing boundaries are too triggering. I've always enjoyed the counter culture of comedy. It is very sad to see that comedy currently has lost its edge.

My only criticism of the film would be I wished some of the arguments were flushed out more. In addition, more could have been done to explain just how impactful free speech is and how the silencing of it has an impact that lasts generations.

Take for example the science piece starting at the 24th minute. We see the arguments about how experts start to become political instead of using logic and reasoning, and how the governing bodies of these scientific institutions silence criticism of prevailing views. I think this has major ramifications. The film briefly goes into how poor dietary guidelines contributed to an obesity epidemic. I think it goes beyond that. By silencing scientific discourse, we have recommended guidelines to a nation of millions that has led to a skyrocket of many autoimmune illnesses. Allergies, Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis, Type 1 Diabetes, Cancer, etc. Neuro-Immune Dysfunction Syndrome is very intriguing, and I'm glad to have learned about it.

The argument that universities are the training ground for our future leaders cannot be stressed enough. There are future leaders of the scientific community, the economic community, the foreign affairs community, etc coming from these universities. There is no doubt, the degradation of the university institution has coincided with the degradation of government institutions. The silencing of debate has led to ideology. Ideology has led to blindness and incompetence and corruption in our government. I wish this point was stressed more.

The film made some great points, and I'm probably just greedy and wanted more. Before I knew it, the movie was over, and I found myself just wanting the film to go on. Honestly, each topic discussed could have been its own film. I look forward to the next film Feldman and Cernovich make.

4.5/5 Pepes

Some important quotes from the movie:

11:15 "Once you give authority to censor hate speech, who defines hate speech?... What might be hateful to one, might not be hateful to another"

20:15 "The danger of a government becoming poisoned, becoming corrupted, and creating an inability for free exchange of ideas, we have seen the danger within that"

39:00 "Free speech should be about getting to the essence of things"

56:15 “It has gotten to the point where comics will try to gauge whether or not what you’re saying is politically correct”

59:00 "A younger crowd can't really take an offensive joke. An older crowd will take an offensive joke."

1:00:00 "I'm offended over and over again... I'm just not a little bitch about it"

1:02:00 "It's not that they (comedians) don't like what someone else is saying, it's they don't like the fact that they can't say it"

1:06:30 "Colleges were at one time the place you went where you could do the most aggressive counter-cultural comedy. So to see how it has become the antithesis of that is really disconcerting."

1:12:30 "The greatest threat to free speech today is from universities because universities are the training ground for our future leaders"

News of the Day

5 Times When The Mainstream Media "Created Fake News"... And People Died As A Result
Yes, media is that powerful and corrupt

Bill Mitchell
Like any great negotiator, Trump has set the table so that every move Dems make to attack him weakens them and strengthens him.
Democrats have called every single GOP appointee "racist" for the past 15+ years. At this point, it's crying wolf.

Meet The Leftist Professor Who Wrote The 'Hit List' Of "Fake News" Sites
Hmm, a leftist feminist. Could be slightly biased.

Pence should've replied to @BrandonVDixon "I want to thank Alexander Hamilton for creating the electoral college" before leaving.
Historical Burn 

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After a Long Day

Friday, November 18, 2016

Thoughts of the Day

Hello America... look at your candidate, now back to me, now back at your candidate, now back to me. Sad! she isn't me. But if she stopped being Crooked and switched to Making America Great Again, she could be yuge like me. Look down, back up, where are you? You're in Kentucky with the Ford Factory that I brought back. What's in your hand, back at me. I have it, it's a Wall protecting that thing you love. Look again, the Wall is 10 feet higher! Anything is possible when you have great folks. Believe me. I'm on Pepe.

There is a hidden rule about politics. If you aren't aware of it now, maybe you'll see the pattern by the end of this.

Politics is all about power. The status quo likes power and always wants more power. Power is a corrupting force. So the bigger a government gets, the more corrupt it gets. Anyone campaigning to clean up government is a threat to the status quo. And the status quo will not go quietly. Power is addictive and taking away that power is like taking away the drug from the addict. They will fight you to the death to keep the addiction going.

Someone once said in 2011 (and I'm paraphrasing), anyone who attempts to make the hard decisions to clean up DC’s financial and ethical messes will be “vilified” and “called every name in the book.” And these decisions are hard decisions. How do you tackle 20 trillion dollars of debt? How do you tackle a broken health care system? How do you tackle illegal immigration?

The person I'm paraphrasing is Steve Bannon. You've heard his name by now. Don't you find it strange before this election you didn't hear much negative press about Trump or Bannon? Both have been in the media world for some time. Bannon was an executive Hollywood producer in back in the 90s. Trump has been in the public eye ever since the 80s.

What happens when they went against the status quo in 2016? Racist, anti-Semite, misogynist, xenophobe, bigot. This is the hidden rule of politics. You character assassinate anyone who goes against the status quo. You've heard it all by now. But what were these men like before 2016?

Did you know Trump when opened his golf club in Palm Beach called Mar-a-Lago, he insisted on accepting Jews and blacks even though other clubs in Palm Beach to this day discriminate against blacks and Jews? Why did this Muslim woman vote for Trump?

If Trump is anti-immigrant, why is he married... to an immigrant? Depending on what poll you find, polls show Hispanics favoring stronger immigration laws. Asked the question, “Would you support a candidate who said that immigration policy needs to serve the interests of the nation as a whole, not a few billionaire CEOs and immigration activists lobbying for open borders?” "Most surprising, self-identified Hispanics are on board by a whopping 66 percent to 21 percent." Turns out those who have come here legally don't want illegal immigrants.

The Anti-Defamation League is not aware any anti-Semitic statements from Bannon. Same with the Republican Jewish Coalition. Bannon has hired a gay Jew, a half Pakistani, and a British Muslim to his editorial board. Raheem Kassam said about Bannon, 

“No, Stephen K. Bannon is not an anti-Semite. Stephen K. Bannon is not a white nationalist. Stephen K. Bannon is not far right, or an extremist, or someone whose influence should be feared in the White House.

“Stephen K. Bannon is a family man. He’s a father. Stephen K. Bannon treats his staff like family. Stephen K. Bannon is a phenomenal business man, a history buff, a successful filmmaker, and more than anything, Stephen K. Bannon is a true patriot. 

“Stephen K. Bannon is the man who flew to London to hire me, this brown guy called Raheem Kassam from a Muslim family to run his London operation, and he’s now put him in the seat on his radio show.

Bannon has stated he is "an economic nationalist." He wants to restore the American middle class and have it thrive again. Trump wants to do the same. And you know what? The message resonated with voters. Obama won Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania back in 2012. Trump took all those states back. The Midwest and Rust Belt represent the manufacturing heart of America. And Trump and Bannon want to revitalize it.

Now we come to Jeff Sessions. He made this statement about Rosa Parks back in 2012.

“With this resolution, we honor one of Alabama’s most remarkable citizens, Mrs. Rosa Parks. Fifty-seven years ago, Mrs. Parks sparked the civil rights movement when she refused to give up her seat on a bus. Her courage ignited major changes in our nation and lead a revolution in race relations. Mrs. Parks will always be remembered as a courageous individual, who confronted injustice head-on and, in so doing, changed our nation. Her legacy continues to endure.” 

Of course you could argue, a politician is going to say nice things. Arlen Specter regretted voting no against Session's federal judge nomination. Back in 2009 he said Session was egalitarian. Sessions voted for Eric Holder's nomination for Attorney General. The lawyer who claimed Sessions showed racial insensitivity, Thomas Figures, was indicted for bribery. Hard to believe someone who is convicted of a felony. And Sessions recused himself from that case. Maybe people don't like Sessions because he has a hard stance on upholding the law.

“I filed 20 or 30 civil-rights cases to desegregate schools and political organizations and county commissions when I was a United States attorney,” he says. “I prosecuted the head of the Klan for murdering somebody, and I insisted the klansman be given the death penalty. When I became attorney general years later, I handled that appeal and ensured that he was, in fact, executed.”

Bannon and Sessions are military guys. Bannon was Navy. Sessions was Army. So far, most of Trump's cabinet picks are military guys. Even Trump attended military school growing up. I believe most military guys are good people. They can say blunt outrageous things, but they are upstanding citizens. Ordinary people like you and me. Any quote can be taken out of context and made to look horrific.

The media is part of the status quo. Trump is a threat to their livelihood and so they will throw every smear at him to bring him down. This includes his allies. The controversy is made up because Trump will destroy the establishment. Yes, I am biased. I don't trust government and I see media as another tool of government. So whenever the media starts attacking someone, I tend to believe that person is ruffling some status quo feathers.

I hope this hidden pattern is more apparent now.

News of the Day

Donald Trump
A reminder about the media from the President Elect

More Winning – Ford CEO Calls Donald Trump: Lincoln Plant Will Stay in Kentucky…
Can't Stump the Trump

The Untold Story: How One 91 Year-Old Woman Helped Donald Trump Win Election
Have you heard about Phyllis Schlafly? Brilliant mind.

Here are 45 'journalists' who were caught colluding with Clinton
A nice list of media Clinton collusion.

Trade Secrets From the Predictors Who Called a Trump Victory
It was the shy Trump voters that propelled him to victory.

MILO on Channel 4: ‘I Am A Gay Jew And Steve Bannon Made Me Into A Star’
“Well Breitbart is a company staffed almost entirely by Jews, I am a gay Jew and he made me into a star, he flew over from America to hire Raheem Kassam to run the London office who is a brown skinned Muslim. This stuff is ridiculous, what a lot of Brits don’t always understand is how ugly and terrifying American politics can be, the name calling can be extraordinary.”

Images of the Day

Kayne Would Vote for Trump

Moderately Fascist?
Keep on Keepin' On
Look at Me

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thoughts of the Day's_the_economy,_stupid

One of the great ironies of this election. The same themes Bill Clinton used to upset Bush in 1992... Trump used to upset Hillary Clinton in 2016. Bill keeps screwing over Hillary...

The Three Themes:
Change vs. more of the same
The economy, stupid
Don't forget health care.

Trump was the change candidate. The voters were tired of Obama and failed promises. While Obama was trumpeting a recovered economy, the voters disagreed. Especially the Rust Belt and Midwest voters. Obama won Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania back in 2012. Trump took all those states back. And the underrated news item. Spiking Obamacare costs in 2017. You bet repealing it was a popular item. Struggling job prospects, struggling health costs, struggling sense that politicians are for special interests and not for people. The people had enough.

Michael Moore said it best. Trump is the biggest Fuck You in human history.

News of the Day

You Are Still Crying Wolf

"Stop fearmongering. Somewhere in America, there are still like three or four people who believe the media, and those people are cowering in their houses waiting for the death squads.
Stop crying wolf. God forbid, one day we might have somebody who doesn’t give speeches about how diversity makes this country great and how he wants to fight for minorities, who doesn’t pose holding a rainbow flag and state that he proudly supports transgender people, who doesn’t outperform his party among minority voters, who wasn’t the leader of the Salute to Israel Parade, and who doesn’t offer minorities major cabinet positions. And we won’t be able to call that guy an “openly white supremacist Nazi homophobe”, because we already wasted all those terms this year."

The media continues to cry wolf
"Trump to require anyone joining the admin to sign a form preventing him/her from being a lobbyist for FIVE years after leaving." More swamp draining!

Trump supporter, 15, beaten during Rockville protest
Because love trumps hate...

CNN's Don Lemon just showed footage of the Reagan assassination attempt for about 20 seconds for no apparent reason
Wow the media wants Trump to be assassinated

ADL: We Are Not Aware of Any Anti-Semitic Statements from Bannon
"Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has backed away from its earlier accusations against Stephen K. Bannon, stating on its website: We are not aware of any anti-Semitic statements from Bannon."

Obamacare Premiums to Soar 22%
Another reason Trump won. Obamacare costs.

Trump Exposes Media as Fake News (13 min)
The Media was lying throughout the election. They aren't stopping now.

George Soros 60 Minutes
Soros had no regrets confiscating property from his fellow Jews. He is a nation destroyer.

Raheem Kassam
“No, Stephen K. Bannon is not an anti-Semite. Stephen K. Bannon is not a white nationalist. Stephen K. Bannon is not far right, or an extremist, or someone whose influence should be feared in the White House.
“Stephen K. Bannon is a family man. He’s a father. Stephen K. Bannon treats his staff like family. Stephen K. Bannon is a phenomenal business man, a history buff, a successful filmmaker, and more than anything, Stephen K. Bannon is a true patriot. 
“Stephen K. Bannon is the man who flew to London to hire me, this brown guy called Raheem Kassam from a Muslim family to run his London operation, and he’s now put him in the seat on his radio show.

The "Peaceful" Left

Images of the Day

"Objective" Media

Behold! The field in which I grow my fucks

Muslim for Trump

Liberal Tears

Diversity of Huffington Post Editorial Board
Ben Garrison. The Cost of Compromise

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Random Thoughts of the Day

Interesting times we live in when the ideas of patriotism and pride in your country aka nationalism is somehow a negative. That the founding fathers would be considered in the same light as Nazism.

It looks like Trump will be doing some extreme vetting of his cabinet.

Failed Central Planning/Socialism
Soviet Russia
North Korea
Puerto Rico

News of the Day

Post Election Poll

  • 7 in 10 (69%) voters do not believe the news media are honest and truthful.
  • 8 in 10 (78%) of voters believe the news coverage of the presidential campaign was biased, with nearly a 3-to-1 majority believing the media were for Clinton (59%) vs. for Trump (21%)

All lobbyists have been cut from Trump's transition team
The media was very quick to say that Trump was the same old politician like all others before him. Bowing down to corporate interests, etc. Could the media still be wrong about Trump?

Statement from the Republican Jewish Coalition

"What is being done to Steve Bannon is a shonda"

Lobbyists and Big Donors Shut Out From Trump Administration – DC Trembling…
“It must be remembered that there is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to manage than a new system. For the initiator has the enmity of all who would profit by the preservation of the old institution and merely lukewarm defenders in those who gain by the new ones”
"Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the American People. There is nothing the political establishment will not do, and no lie they will not tell, to hold on to their prestige and power at your expense."

Why Donald Trump No Longer Needs the Media
"If anything the arrogant attitude and claims there's a "backlash" from Mr. Stetler is proof just how out of touch the dinosaurs in the MSM are.  It's proof their attitudes of entitlement, laziness, and crusaderism from their teens has carried on to their careers today."

Mike Cernovich
Uh oh. Twitter in trouble.

Glenn Greenwald
"Isn't it such a bizarre human phenomenon that people only see abuse from the factions they disagree with, not the ones they like?"

Dave Rubin
 "Don't Freak Out About Donald Trump" (6 min video)

Milo: What Trump Means 
"The media is already shocked to learn that the Trump administration will not coddle them, and access to the Trump White House will not be automatic for journalists who are practically on the DNC payroll."

Alex Jones
"They (white voters) voted for Obama (in 2012) to prove they weren't racist. They voted for Trump to prove they weren't stupid" (6 min)

Guide to the Alt-Right

Images of the Day

Trump, Muhammad Ali, Rosa Parks

Trump and Farage

Dewey Defeats Truman.
Clinton Defeats Trump.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Andrew Breitbart was the founder of Breitbart News. "Andrew was adopted by Jewish parents who raised him in the upscale neighborhood of Brentwood California, but he was ethnically Irish by birth." He was liberal growing up but soon discovered that the news wasn't as honest as he thought.

Interview with Breitbart (30 min)
Minute 1: Talks about growing up liberal
Minute 6: Starting listening to Rush Limbaugh and began challenging the mainstream media
Minute 9: The Matrix of the Media and how it affects eager young minds
Minute 12: The media pretends to be objective
Minute 15: Helped create the Huffington Post
Minute 21: The true meaning of Patriotism/American Nationalism

Seriously, it's a great interview. Watch all of Breitbart's interviews. He sees the world so clearly.

Why do I bring up Breitbart? Because back then, the mainstream media was hurling insults at Breitbart. The same repeated slurs of racism, anti-Semitic, etc. And nothing could be further from the truth. People close to him described him as such a kind soul. He knew the game the media played and happily used the same tactics against them. That's why the media hated him so much, he was better than they were at their own game. Now let's go with Steve Bannon.

Steve Bannon served in the navy for seven years as a surface warfare officer. He met Andrew Breitbart back in 2004. After Breitbart's passing in 2012, Bannon became executive chairman of Breitbart News. So we have a honorable vet that takes the helm of Breitbart. And based on my experiences with military vets, they are very upstanding people. Their humor can be coarse (wouldn't pass sensitivity training), but their actions can be very noble. And I view actions as way more important than words. If you only cared about words, politicians would be such upstanding citizens.

Breitbart just released an article
Alan Dershowitz, a staunch Democrat and emeritus law professor at Harvard University, is hitting back against the smears claiming White House appointee Steve Bannon is anti-Semitic, arguing it is "not legitimate to call somebody an anti-Semite because you might disagree with their policies." 
"I think we have to be very careful before we accuse any particular individual of being an anti-Semite. The evidence certainly suggests that Mr. Bannon has very good relationships with individual Jews."
Joel Pollak (Breitbart Senior Editor-at-Large) stated: “I have worked with Stephen K. Bannon, President-elect Donald Trump’s new chief strategist and senior counselor, for nearly six years at Breitbart News. I can say, without hesitation, that Steve is a friend of the Jewish people and a defender of Israel, as well as being a passionate American patriot and a great leader.” 
Pollak pointed to his “credentials” to comment on the matter: “I am an Orthodox Jew, and I hold a Master of Arts degree in Jewish Studies. My thesis at the Isaac and Jesse Kaplan Centre at the University of Cape Town dealt with the troubled status of Jews in an increasingly anti-Israel, and anti-Semitic, post-apartheid South Africa. I believe myself to be a qualified judge of what is, and is not, anti-Semitic.”

So when I see the words, Bannon is a racist, anti-Semite Nazi, my reaction is simple

News of the Day

Bill Mitchell
"Dear Democrat leadership, the whole "White Supremacist" bullsh*t failed miserably in the election, WHY do you think it will work now???"

Ben Carson
"My decision not to seek a cabinet position in the Trump administration has nothing to do with the complexity of the job as is being reported by some news outlets. I believe it is vitally important for the Trump administration to have many outspoken friends and advisers who are outside of the Washington bubble. It is vital to have independent voices of reason and reconciliation if our nation is to heal and regain its greatness. I will continue to work with the transition team and beyond as we build a dynamite executive branch of government."

How the mainstream media destroyed itself
"If Hillary Clinton becomes the 45th US president, the 2016 election will be remembered as one in which much of the mainstream media all but admitted aligning itself with the Democratic Party"

Beware of Kafkatrapping
The term "kafkatrapping" describes a logical fallacy that is popular within gender feminism, racial politics and other ideologies of victimhood. It occurs when you are accused of a thought crime such as sexism, racism or homophobia. You respond with an honest denial, which is then used as further confirmation of your guilt. You are now trapped in a circular and unfalsifiable argument; no one who is accused can be innocent because the structure of kafkatrapping precludes that possibility.

Report: Majority Arrested In Portland Anti-Trump Protests Didn't Vote
I remember hearing a quote: "if you don't vote, you have no right to complain".

My mother grew up in Nazi Germany
"My mother grew up in Nazi Germany and she said it's funny how people compare Trump to Hitler when Hillarys supporters are exhibiting the same behavior the brown shirts and SS exhibited towards the Jews under Hitler."

Bill Mitchell
Let me translate.  When the media says, "Sources have said," what they really mean is, "We just made this up 5 minutes ago..." 

Ex-Apprentice #SummerZervos Paid $500,000 By @GloriaAllred To Accuse Trump
Makes you wonder what other accusations are fake.

Images of the Day

Oh no, it's retarded

It would be a shame


2016 Election Exit Polls

Some inconvenient findings from the exit polls compared to 2012.
Fewer white people voted (70 vs 72% in 2012). Despite the media attempts to blame this election on angry white people, fewer white people voted for him (58 vs 59% in 2012).
Trump got 2% more Hispanic and Black votes than Romney. Despite the media’s attempts to paint him as xenophobic and racist, he still got 29% of the Hispanic vote.
Trump got 42% of the female vote (compared to 44 in 2012). Despite the media’s attempts to paint him as a misogynist, he still got the majority of the white female vote (53%).
Instead of asking, how could they vote for him?! The better question might be, do I have any blind spots in my view of the world? What did I miss seeing from this election?