Monday, March 13, 2017

Thoughts of the Day - You must hate X

* If you question climate change, you must hate the environment.
* If you question Common Core, you must hate children.
* If you question Obamacare, you must want sick people to die.
* If you question welfare, you must not care about the poor.
* If you question open borders, you must be a bigoted racist.

* If you question our beliefs, you are a heretic and must burn.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Thoughts of the Day - The Most Bigly Man in the World

He can make blue states blush red. 

The media questions him because they secretly find him interesting.

The Chinese come to him for wall-building advice.

Out of respect for him, illegals deport themselves.

He created so many jobs, illegal aliens came from all over the galaxy.

He once apologized, just to see how it feels.

If he were to mispronounce your name, you would feel compelled to change it.

His golf courses brought peace to the Middle East.

His Cyber Wizard son, Barron, fixed education with only 56K dial-up.

He gave up his billion dollar life, just to run for President.

He is, The Most Bigly Man in the World.

Make America Great Again, My Friends.

Most Bigly Man in the World

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Thoughts of the Day - The MAGA Movement

Back in February 2009, when the nation was still figuring out how to climb out of the Great Recession, President Obama announced to a joint session of Congress his plans for healthcare reform. The timing was peculiar. Unemployment was still very high. Companies were still recovering. How much would this cost? How would it impact businesses?

In September 2009, the Tea Party movement was born to protest the excess government spending and government takeover of health care. The Obama administration promised, "If you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan". Instead of addressing the concerns of citizens, the administration and the mainstream media labeled the Tea Party as racist.

Ron Paul ran for President in 2012 riding the wave of government skepticism. The Middle East wars expanded with Libya and Syria. That's right, the Nobel Peace Prize winning President expanded war efforts in the Middle East. Government spending remained out of control. More importantly, unemployment remained stubbornly high. Unfortunately, the RNC established a petty rule to prevent Ron Paul delegates from nominating him (see Rule 40).

Years later, the concerns of the Tea Party were justified. People lost their health care plans. Deductibles went up, not down. Costs continued to rise while quality decreased. The Obamacare architect admitted that the key to passing the bill was "lack of transparency" and "the stupidity of the American voter". This would only fuel the citizen's resentment and lack of trust in government. The IRS added additional fuel to the fire. The IRS intentionally targeted tea party groups applying for tax-exempt status with intensive scrutiny.

You may notice some common themes back in 2012 that are relevant in today's times. The mainstream/fake news media established a narrative that anyone opposed to the Obama/Clinton team were racist, misogynist, terrible people. The Establishment Republicans do not care for conservative grassroots movements and will happily work with Democrats to screw over the citizens. Finally, you see a civil war in government agencies between American patriots and those for shadow governments that are above the will of the people.

The Tea Party movement has transformed into the MAGA movement. Mike Cernovich asked people at the Bull Moose Party, "Why are you here?" We are here because of a journey that started back in 2009. We believe in what the Founding Fathers wanted in America. People joined the MAGA movement at different times, but we all share the goal of Making America Great Again.

Below is a list of the main players I see that are currently shaping the MAGA movement.

Wise Elders
1) Donald Trump/Steve Bannon
These two represent the heart and the soul of America. The movement would be dead and Hillary would be President without both of them. Read the Art of the Deal and you will understand how Trump works. Read about Andrew Breitbart to learn about how Bannon views media.

2) Stefan Molyneux
He wouldn't categorize himself as part of any movement, but he is still an important figure to listen to. Freedomain Radio is the largest philosophy show in the world. Facts, reason, and evidence are the key pillars to a civilization. His talks with the next person I'm going to mention are my favorites.

3) Vox Day
Science fiction writer, video game designer, and publisher. A student of economics and history. He understands human dynamics very well, showing how spineless so called conservatives are (read his book Cuckservative). They haven't conserved anything. Be ready to have your whole worldview tested, he does not hold back.

4) Scott Adams
He also wouldn't categorize himself as part of any movement, but he correctly predicted the rise of Trump. A trained hypnotist, he understands humor and persuasion. Persuasion, not facts, rule the political domain. It would be foolish to ignore his advice.

Big brothers
5) Mike Cernovich
Lawyer, film maker, author, and journalist. A jack of all trades similar to Vox Day. He also does not hold back. Like Scott Adams, he also predicted the rise of Trump. His blog Danger and Play covers a multitude of topics. His book Gorilla Mindset is a must read to understand the human mind, how it works, and how you can optimize it.

6) Alex Jones
Ironically, I'm giving him the title of Big Brother when he's been fighting against big brother for decades. He has always been for the common man and against government overreach. He has a nonstop motor, wanting to inform people about the globalist agenda and hoping to see mankind elevate themselves. 

7) Sargon of Akkad
While not a supporter of Trump, he is for finding truth and against media hysteria. He is a classical liberal (a believer of individual freedom) and loves ripping apart the anti-individual arguments of social justice warriors.

In Memoriam, Andrew Breitbart. He stood up for the Tea Party and defended them against the MSM narrative. He was not afraid to take on the corporate media machine. He died too young. Fortunately, Steve Bannon is carrying the torch in his spirit.

Young Rockers
8) Milo
When I think of Milo, I think of the Joker with a conscience. He gets under the skin of social justice warriors with laughter as his weapon. His college tour was very important in the fight for freedom of speech and thought in college campuses. 

9) Paul Joseph Watson
Part of the Alex Jones InfoWars crew, PJW is a heavy hitter exposing the Left's hypocrisy like Sargon of Akkad and Milo. He rails against politicians, celebrities, and media pundits. He has a very big presence on both Twitter and YouTube delivering truth bomb after truth bomb in his videos. 

10) PewDiePie
Like Sargon of Akkad, he is not a supporter of Trump. He stays very apolitical, but understands the power that media has to destroy lives. In addition, he is humbled by the support of his fans and does not cater to special interests. With 54 million subscribers (many of which are teens), he is an influential force for future voters.

The young rockers have a big influence on the youth vote and are heavily engaged in the culture war. Their efforts will have a long lasting impact.