Friday, June 30, 2017

Why I Cannot Recommend Multiculturalism

My parents came to this country from China. They had no community to lean on. We were in Iowa. I grew up isolated. While technically I am American, I felt different growing up. When you look different, you feel different. And without the proper parental guidance to deal with this issue, it eats at you. Maybe you have parents like mine. Immigrant parents who have this misguided idea of telling their kids about their struggle to make it to a better world. All it does is make the kids feel bad about themselves. The kid logic is that I didn't have the struggle of my parents so I feel bad for bringing up my struggles integrating. But that struggle doesn't go away. Now it's compounded by feelings of remorse that I'm not as good as my parents. The snowball effect grows.

Tim Pool made a very good point. A lot of the crimes occurring in Sweden are not caused by refugees. It's caused by their children. The children are not seen by the locals as Swedes. The children are not seen as their homeland's children either. They are people without an identity. Governments have done piss poor jobs integrating migrants into communities. Government doing a bad job with implementing policy, what else is new?

I went through an anger phase. Ideas of revolution were appealing. Communism sounded so good. The idea of everyone being the same... it was a solution to an answer I was searching for my whole life. To belong and not be different. Look at these kids being indoctrinated by ISIS. They have been presented a solution to become a hero. They've grown up feeling like they don't belong and they finally are given a sense of belonging. A man dying of thirst in the desert will do desperate things for water. A person starving for identity will also do crazy things.

Blacks hang out with other blacks. Jews do the same. As do Hispanics and Asians. Identity matters. You would be so naive and foolish to think it doesn't. Even the Civic Nationalists want to shut off immigration until the issues are sorted out. Can they be sorted out? Parenting matters, and mishaps in parenting echo for generations. So it's going to take some time to sort this out.

I consider myself lucky. My ideas of revolution did not make me do anything rash and stupid. But all these migrants flooding into Western Civilization. They are ticking time bombs waiting to happen. Based on my own experiences growing up, I cannot recommend the ideas of diversity and multiculturalism. These are just feel good words. But a child's psychology is very fragile and feel good words do jack shit. A child needs structure and security. I don't have an answer, I just tell you what doesn't work from my perspective.

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