Sunday, December 4, 2016


China Betrayed Into Communism

"Mao’s communists refused to participate: they knew that, lacking popular support in China, they could only take power by violence."

It's the same tactic every time. An extremist party does not have popular support. What do they do? They resort to intimidation and violence. Nazi Germany. Soviet Russia. Communist China. I consider this the first iteration of authoritarian governments.

We now are in the 2nd iteration of this battle between the people and authoritarian governments. The battle is now against globalism such as the EU and large trade deals that circumvent democracy. The Leftists do not have popular support. So they must intimidate by throwing labels. Populist, freedom loving movements must be labeled as extremists. Somehow it is racist and xenophobic to want national sovereignty.

Remember: the side that hurls the insults is the side that wants totalitarianism.

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