Sunday, February 19, 2017

Thoughts of the Day - White Privilege

"You're a fucking white male!" If you don't know this quote you can quickly google the video. White privilege just means you have the privilege of getting the blame for the ills of society because of the color of your skin.

It means you have the privilege of getting shot at as you try to police crime ridden areas or while deployed oversees. It means you have the privilege of working in the burning heat or the freezing cold to maintain the infrastructure of the country. It means you have the privilege of making whatever sacrifices so your kids may have a better life.

Where was the privilege when people lost their health coverage and their doctors? Lots of privilege when people lost their jobs and left the labor force. And the privilege of all these problems and no voice to help them. Instead of hearing their cries for help, the media decided to lecture them on racism and privilege.

Look up the Harlem Renaissance. Yes, blacks were treated like 2nd class citizens back then. But despite being poor, Harlem was not crime infested. It was a vibrant scene of culture and art. There was not an epidemic of single mothers. What happened in the last century that destroyed black families and infested their communities with drugs and violence?

This is just one of many forms of cultural marxism. Pitting groups against each other to achieve that "utopia" of equal outcome. Because you have privilege, we must tax you for your privilege and give it to those with less privilege. To alter a quote from The Incredibles, "And when everyone's equal... no one will be."

President Trump hears the voices of the forgotten men and women. Which is why you see reactions of hope, relief, and joy from his supporters. But of course, the Fake News media will continue to dismiss his supporters and continue to lecture them. Must be nice having the privilege of destroying people's lives. Time for the media to check their privilege.

 "The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer" 

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