Wednesday, February 8, 2017

News of the Day - Sessions Confirmation

Tillerson, DeVos, and Sessions were the most hotly contested Cabinet picks. With Tillerson and DeVos through, Sessions should be going through as well. Time to restore our foreign policy, our education, and our justice system.

For those following Pizzagate, Sessions will be confirmed the same day as National Pizza Day. Kek sure works in mysterious ways. A few things that poke major holes in the Opposition Media's narrative of Sessions.

Coretta Scott King Thanks Jeff Sessions For Rosa Parks Library. Yes the wife of Martin Luther King Jr. thanks the Senator.

Sessions received the NAACP Governmental Award of Excellence

How black Democrats stole votes in Alabama and how Sessions tried to stop it. The narrative is, Sessions went after Civil Rights activists to suppress the black vote. What the Opposition Media left out was during the 1984 Democratic primary, all the serious candidates were black. Two of them, Reese Billingslea and Warren Kinard, ran against the incumbent Turner and “were convinced that fraud was occurring in the election.” So Sessions went after black candidates who were involved in voter suppression against other blacks. The spin is strong.

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