Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Thoughts of the Day - Jesus

What Jesus Christ Said | Duke Pesta and Stefan Molyneux

I think I need to revisit the Bible and the teachings of Jesus. The biggest takeaways I got out of this:

1) People fill in something for God. Things do not remain in a vacuum for very long. Wildfire burns down a forest? New plants emerge. Dictator overthrown? New leaders emerge. If you take away Christianity and become atheist? Well, humans will still worship something. In modern times, government has become god. Government will heal us and deliver us salvation.

2) Jesus became popular not because of his power, but because of what he did with that power. He did not command people to follow him or face brutal consequences. He gave people the option to follow or not, and led by example. Dr. Pesta ties in Jesus with the Founding Fathers. A very radical idea to deliver government from a bottom up approach rather than a top down approach. Encourage morality but do not try to control people into morality. Give people the choice to use their power for good.

3) Christianity became powerful because people were willing to stand up for what they believed without resorting to violence. Instead of being a doormat like we are seeing now in Europe, Christians of old would not bend. The idea of turn the other cheek and forgiveness has become perverted. A pathological altruism has evolved. Christians no longer try to argue about what is immoral. They have become too afraid of being labeled as bigoted. Jesus believed if you live for worldly possessions instead of a concept beyond this world, you would become corrupted.

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