Sunday, January 22, 2017

Thoughts of the Day - Government

As a whole population, are Americans inherently good or bad? If you believe they are inherently good, why would you need a large government to control them? Wouldn't they naturally make good decisions to benefit the country?

If you believe they are inherently bad, your solution of a large government still requires people to run it. Where will these people come from? Wouldn't bad Americans get in charge of a large government and inflict massive damage?

Maybe you believe most are good overall, but there are some bad apples that need to be controlled by a large government. Do you believe in wide sweeping laws that affect the entire population just to punish some bad apples? What does punishing the many for the sake of the few do for the morale of the country?

A common argument is that government is needed to control businesses from becoming monopolies. But what prevents a large business from lobbying to control government? Also, do you believe people are powerless to stop a business from becoming a monopoly?

President Trump wants to bring back American Exceptionalism. The idea that America is the best nation in terms of economic opportunity and individual freedom. A freer business environment provides more competition to prevent large businesses from taking a complete monopoly.

We see it time and time again. A large company becomes complacent and stagnant. A leaner company sweeps in to take over the market. In fact, that is why the average lifespan of a company is roughly 2 decades. It's time to stop being busy bodies and trust the process that Americans can make their country great again if you just let them.

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