Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thoughts of the Day's_the_economy,_stupid

One of the great ironies of this election. The same themes Bill Clinton used to upset Bush in 1992... Trump used to upset Hillary Clinton in 2016. Bill keeps screwing over Hillary...

The Three Themes:
Change vs. more of the same
The economy, stupid
Don't forget health care.

Trump was the change candidate. The voters were tired of Obama and failed promises. While Obama was trumpeting a recovered economy, the voters disagreed. Especially the Rust Belt and Midwest voters. Obama won Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania back in 2012. Trump took all those states back. And the underrated news item. Spiking Obamacare costs in 2017. You bet repealing it was a popular item. Struggling job prospects, struggling health costs, struggling sense that politicians are for special interests and not for people. The people had enough.

Michael Moore said it best. Trump is the biggest Fuck You in human history.

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