Tuesday, November 15, 2016

2016 Election Exit Polls

Some inconvenient findings from the exit polls compared to 2012.
Fewer white people voted (70 vs 72% in 2012). Despite the media attempts to blame this election on angry white people, fewer white people voted for him (58 vs 59% in 2012).
Trump got 2% more Hispanic and Black votes than Romney. Despite the media’s attempts to paint him as xenophobic and racist, he still got 29% of the Hispanic vote.
Trump got 42% of the female vote (compared to 44 in 2012). Despite the media’s attempts to paint him as a misogynist, he still got the majority of the white female vote (53%).
Instead of asking, how could they vote for him?! The better question might be, do I have any blind spots in my view of the world? What did I miss seeing from this election?

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