Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A Feminist's Son

My mom is a feminist. She voted for Hillary. She believed Hillary was a voice for women. She believes women are not treated fairly in the workplace. She believes the patriarchy keeps women down. So what is my family like?

Simply put. Utter catastrophe. My dad sacrificed his career for her to follow her dreams. Blue Valentine (if you haven't seen it, watch it) is very personal to me. If you ask me the first thought that comes to mind about my childhood, I'd tell you fighting. Countless fighting. I saw divorce as a blessing not a curse. The personality clashes became toxic grudges.

So what am I like as a person? Very insecure, very afraid to voice opinions, emotionless, directionless. I knew I didn't want to be like my parents so I went the exact opposite. Timid and emotionally stunted. I've had my bouts of anger and depression. But I consider myself lucky I didn't let the anger and depression destroy me. Countless others have perished.

The result of feminism is the destruction of the next generation. Women pouring all their time and effort into a career at the expense of their children. I have personally seen both corporate and academia life. I'm not impressed. To me, it doesn't seem worth it to go through all the politics and bureaucracy. If I had to choose between the work grind and raising a family... family seems like an obvious choice to me. But feminism has inverted the priority at the expense of the family (the fundamental building block of civilization).

The only blessing that feminism brought to me was that I began to question everything. The violent relationship I witnessed made me begin researching relationships. Which led me to pickup, nutrition, philosophy, mindset. As a result, I can slowly begin to address my flaws.

Mom, she has a good heart. But good intentions do not translate at all to good results (see government policy). The problems of this world will not be solved with good intentions. They will be solved with grit and hard choices. Hardness is the antithesis of feminine. Feminine is warm and nurturing and accepting. Hard and protective and prohibitive is male. The bubble that Western Civilization lives in (built on the bodies of countless men) has made us lose sight of the cost it took to make it. Only in a bubble fantasy can we assume that everything is OK now and masculinity is no longer needed. Masculinity is the dam that holds back the chaos waters of nature. Without it, we drown.

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